Travel Tips for Monte Carlo| Discover the city in One Day!

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Monte Carlo is not a very big city and it is possible to cover it in one day, even in half – day. 🙂 Accomodation is not so cheap in Monte Carlo so it is better to come here early in the morning and turn back before the night. We were staying in Nice and it was very easy to reach Monte Carlo by train.

How To Reach Monaco- Monte Carlo via Train

Gare de Monaco (Monaco Train station) easy to reach from different cities. We came here from Nice it takes around half an hour. Interestingly the train station is buried deep in the rock and actually it looks like a metro station.

monaco train station

When you get out of the station a beautiful port view welcomes you and it is great! You immediately started to take photos. 🙂

Bus From Monaco Train Station to Monte Carlo

If you would like to go to Monte Carlo from the train station, You can walk down in 10 minutes. When you face the see, you need to walk towards left. You can also take a bus in front of the train station. However, bus is €2 euro per person even for this short distance and it is really not needed actually.

Jardins de la Petite Afrique

Monte Carlo Casino

Monte Carlo is full of luxury buildings of Casinos but this one will take your attention once you reach the center of Monte Carlo. Casino of Monte Carlo is just next to sea side, it is the most common place visited by the tourists who’d like to try their chance. But if you want to go inside, you should suit accordingly especially if you will visit the Casino after 7 pm.

monte carlo casino

You can find more details in this page: Casino Monte Carlo

Park of Jardins de la Petite Afrique in Monte Carlo

If you are not interested in luxury buildings, casinos or other fancy stuff but more like the nature, there is a park you should visit. The name of this park is Jardins de la Petite Afrique (Little African Gardens). We liked it a lot because of the giant cacti.

monte carlo cacti

Also there are not so many green areas in Monte Carlo and everwhere is covered with buildings. Therefore this park is a very nice choice to give a break and have rest especially on hot summer days.


Monaco Yacht Club- Monte Carlo

Monaco Yacht club in Monte Carlo is quite a luxury place. There is loud music at pool located near the sea. Pool may be ok but sea doesn’t seem suitable to swim in here.

Also there is no beach close to here and this pool seems like an only choice. However, we didn’t try to get into the club since there was just a few people using the pool. Altough we were there in the middle of the summer and it was so hot, it was interesting that nobody swims. We just had a short walk near the seaside and turned back to the center. By the way the shortest way to reach the seaside is using an elevator from some place near the casino. There is so much level difference between center and seaside of Monte Carlo.


General Impression- Monte Carlo

Afterall, Monte Carlo is a famous place which is in the check list of all tourist coming to French Riviera or Monaco. However I don’t think it is a must seen place if you are not interested in casino. If you will still visit Monte Carlo, I recommend  you to cover this region in couple of hours (it won’t be so hard) and spend the rest of your day in Monaco Old Town which is much more interesting.

monte carlo gardens

I hope I was able to give you an idea about Monte-Carlo with the help of some videos. Please reach me for your questions and comments…

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