First time skiing is very exciting but it may become hard and complicated if you don’t know the items that you will need exactly. There is no need to overload your suitcase. In my opinion, if you will start and continue very rarely, there is no need to buy all heavy stuff like skis, ski boots, helmet etc. If you are planning to take regular lessons and you will be spending more time on it, then you can think about having them. In the other case, the best and easiest way is to rent them. However, I suggest you have your own clothing. In the cold winter days, you can also use many of the items not only in skiing but also in your daily life.


Here are the ski clothing essentials that you should buy before your trip and also I will be recommending some brands for you … Enjoy!

1.Ski Jacket

One of the most important item in a skiers’ shopping list is the jacket. It should be light but warm at the same time and, let you move freely. I use my ski jacket also in my daily life and for the trips in cold cities. Therefore, if you choose the colour and the model accordingly you won’t be feeling like you are spending too much money on an item that you will use rarely. Here are some brand suggestions that will not let you down.


2.Ski Pants

I believe choosing Ski Pants is the most fun part of shopping. There are many colourful models and you will be wearing this only for skiing so you can select the craziest neon one if you want. Just make sure it is fully waterproof and breathable. Also, think about the tights that you will wear inside and try not buy skinny ski pants. Being comfortable is very important for skiing. Here are some recommendations and cool ski pants models.

3.Thermal Underwear

Both inside of your pants and inside of your jacket, wear thermal items. They will wick moisture away from your body and also will keep you warm and comfortable.

4.Mid Layer Clothing

They are usually sweatshirts designed with special fabrics, and again you can use them back in home in winter days. So choose your model accordingly. I prefer zipped ones so that if I get too warm, it can be undone easily. One last tip, I prefer fleece fabric for this layer.

5.Ski Socks

If you have freezing cold feet, continue to practice skiing is not easy. Socks are a very important part of decent ski clothing. Even I have chosen the right socks I always wear at least 2, sometimes more. First be sure that they are long enough to make you feel comfortable inside ski boots. Second, be careful about the quality.


Instead of sunglasses, prefer goggles even if it is your first time. Sunglasses won’t be helping you about wind and snow. Also, they can break easily. Goggles are much safer and it will help your first skiing session by providing a clear line of sight. Moreover, they are so cool in the photos!


Ski clothing can never be completed without a hat. Fleece and wool fabric are preferable. The best is a wool hat which has a fleece layer in it! There are millions of colours and models but be sure you have chosen the right fabric not only the fashionable one.


Gloves are not only important to keep you warm but also has importance for your safety. It should support your had if you fall down. Since you are a beginner I can guarantee that you will fall down many times. Besides, of course, they should be waterproof.


If you have completed this list, then you are ready to enjoy your first ski experience!


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