What to see in streets of Eze?

By vovidi

Once we arrived Eze from Nice, a volunteer Eze guide (actually he owns the shop I’ve mentioned here) welcomed us 🙂

And then we started to walk through the tiny, hilly and rocky streets of Eze. It might sound challenging but it totally worth every calorie you burn.

Streets of Eze

Walk to the top point of village until you reach the Botanic park. On the way you will see lots of shops in the caves. There are also restaurants.

Eze shops

Eze wood shop


At the top you’ll also see The Church of Èze L’église d’Èze

Eze Church



Spend time in the tiny and welcoming streets. Take pictures at the view points on the road.


When you are going back, forget about hitchhiking for return because nobody stops 🙂

Take bus #83 on your way back to the train station of Eze

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