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By vovidi

Croatia – Sibenik hosts a great Salsa Festival the Salsa Beach Splash every July. For this year save the date 3-8 July 🙂

It is in Solaris Beach Resort  which is one of the best options for accommodation in Sibenik. It is a very big complex and it has too many alternatives for different budgets from tent camping to bungalows to 3 and 4 star hotels. Large groups might also rent apartments in Podsolarsko which is only 15 minutes walking distance to Solaris. We stayed in the Hotel Ivan where the night parties are organised.

Now Let’s have a look for those amazing days in this festival!…

Beach Parties

You will see a lovely beach just in front of the Hotel Ivan and the decoration is very interesting. There is a giant Pirate Ship on the beach, which has a bar in it. Also during Salsa festival week, people are dancing on the stage in front of this Pirate Ship. You can have drinks and dance until the evening in here. If you sweat and started to feel tired then jump into the cool water of Adriatic Sea to be refreshed!

It is the best Salsa festival I’ve ever attended because of this stage on the beach. Usually salsa parties are located in the closed rooms of the hotels. Therefore such an open-air party is very charming for all dancers and even for the people who don’t know salsa! In this video you will see the event on the beach and I’m sure you’ll like it:)

hotel ıvan sibenik

Small tip: Reserve a sunbed close to pirate boat before party starts. It’s generally packed after 2 pm.

Do Salsa All Day Long

This festival is a well organized one and we believe that one of the best in the world. As I told you there are beach parties all day long until the dinner time.  At nights the party continues in the hotel ballroom and dancers turn back to the stage on the beach at the sunrise (5 pm or so). Especially dancing on the beach very early in the morning  with the accompany of wonderful colors in the sky was amazing! So Romantic! <3 Also by spending hours with dancers until sunrise, gives you to establish new friendships from all over the world and this is a very big plus for this festival. In the previous years, night parties used to be held in a giant tent next to sea side. Some of the dancers prefer this tent since its still outdoor. Last year night party was moved to the ballroom which had better floor and acoustic.

salsa beach splash

Salsa Concert in Sibenik Old Town

In one of the days the Festival Team organizes a Salsa concert in the Sibenik city center. Therefore, you can go to the center before the concert, have dinner and discover the old town of Sibenik. The cathedral of St. James (Katedrala Svetog Jakova)is one of the most beautiful buildings in the town. This cathedral is next to sea side, very easy to reach and after visiting here you can take a walk on sea side road. There are also some nice Dalmatian restaurants to try their local food. The Salsa party is just next to St James in a lovely atmosphere! It was fun! Here is a short video  for you, from the concert in Sibenik Old Town.

sibenik old town

Amazing Pool Party on Sunday

In the last day of the event (which is the best for me!) there is a pool party on the beach! Yeahh you can dance in the pool and then swim in the sea since they are just next to each other. The day starts with Salsa and Bachata at 12 p.m. and after some dance and having couple of drinks, party turnes into a crazy clubber party and continues until 8 p.m. or so 🙂 I tell you this is an event you shouldn’t miss! So fun! 🙂 In the second part of this video you’ll see some scenes from the pool part and I’m sure it will be enough for you to make your reservation for this summer 😉

pool party sibenik

Meals During The Festival

Let’s talk about the meals in Solaris Resort for a while. Breakfast was included in our hotel so we tried not to miss it. Some of the days we danced until the 7pm in the morning, had our breakfast and then went to bed for sleeping:)

For the evenings, There is a nice restaurant in the hotel Ivan but just 1 day we had our dinner in the hotel. Other days we discovered some other nice restaurants in the Solaris Resort and usually we preferred the ones near seaside. But one of my favourite is the Dalmatian Restaurant just infront of Hotel Ivan.  I believe it is the best thing of staying in a complex like Solaris beacuse you have freedom and you have so many options for swimming, having dinner, cafes&bars etc…

sibenik dinner

Sightseeing Tour- Krka National Park

If you are staying in Croatia-Sibenik don’t forget to visit Krka National Park. It is just 20 min away from Sibenik You will admire the nature and you will have chance to swim in the refreshing water of the Krka waterfalls. Visit our Krka Page for detailed info.krka waterfalls

Dominant Dance Style

Salsa Beach Splash is a cross-body (Puerto Rican) style salsa congress. There might be some cuban style dancers as well but wast majority of the dancers dance cross body. Around half of the dancers dance on2 (they prefer on2 but they can dance on1 too if you wish). There is a myth in salsa world, the more on2 dancers in an event, the higher level dancers are and as a result dancers are less friendly, more snob 🙂 Well, I can honestly say that this congress is the most beginner friendly events I’ve ever been to. Regardless of your style or experience, people focus on only having fun, no show offs 🙂

Bonus: Start Dancing Salsa

Why don’t you join the world of salsa dancers? Here is an article about “Why you should learn Salsa”.

You can track the other festivals from this page and also join the salsa forum for your questions and creating contact with salsa lovers.

Enjoy! 🙂

salsa night


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