Tips for Resort Life in Karon Beach Phuket

By vovidi

Nowadays, Phuket is a popular destination for the tourists coming from all over the world. Regardless of the season, this city is always crowded. Therefore it is better to search and decide for the accomodation, activities, transportation etc. long before landing in Phuket. For the accomodation, of course your choice depends your budget and expectation from a holiday (relax/fun etc.). However if you ask me, Karon region is one of the best places to stay. (Another nice place is Kamala and you can reach my post about our experience in a resort in Kamala from here. ) Karon is on the west coast of Phuket and just to the south of the center Patong. Patong has a crazy nightlife and must be visitted at least for one night but during the day the center is not so attractive. Sea is not so clear and there is no meaning to get lost in the crowd. On the contrary Karon has a better beach, and you can find more quiet and peaceful places to stay for a romantic and relaxing tropical experience. Be sure that you will get tired enough after the boat trips or after a night in Patong so it is better to recharge yourself in a more quiet region.

We stayed in Thavorn Palm Resort  located in Karon Beach and it was a lovely experience.  I want to give details about our stay in here because we enjoyed the special activites and the time we spent in this place, and I reccommend you(especially for couples) to spend some days with a similar concept in Karon.



We preffered one of the pool& sea view rooms with balcony. Waking up with a nice view and a lot of sunlight gives you energy.

karon thavorn palm resort room


Especially for the breakfast, menu is so rich. You can taste different meals from Thai Cousine even in the morning like local people or you can go with the regular breakfast. I also reccommend to eat fresh tropical fruits as much as you can after the breakfast. They are so delicious and full with vitamins.


You can attend a pizza making class and you can learn how to prepare a special pizza. There are so many ingredient options, you can even include seafood to your pizza. If you are a terrible cook like me I gurentee you and your Thai Chef will have fun ? After your pizza is ready, they serve you your handmade pizza in the restaurant with some drinks. Therefore it is a nice activity that you can do for lunch. Bon Appetit! ?

karon thavorn pizza making class


Having a dinner in Old Siam Restaurant during the sunset is so romantic. They prepare a charming atmosphere for you. There is a buffet menu that you can try seafood but also there is chicken and salads for people don’t like seafood. Just be sure you go early to the restaurant and anjoy the sunset!

old siam restaurant



There is a cute coffe shop named “Sweet Talk Phuket” in the resort. You can try good quality coffe with different preperation techniques. They have also nice desserts and yummy snacks. Even if you are not staying in this hotel, you can visit here to have a lovely time 🙂

karon coffee shop

Afterall we enjoyed our stay in Thavorn Palm Beach Resort. I suggest you to have a similar experience in Phuket- Karon especially if you are travelling as a couple. I’m sure you will be treated well and you will leave with the sweet memories.



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