Northern Cyprus Has The Best Mediterranean Beaches

By vovidi

Northern Cyprus is a lovely island with many beautiful bays, soft climate, protected natural life, old villages, and historical structures. There are many tourists coming to the island every year and especially honeymoon couples prefer the island as a cheap and luxury holiday option. Also, the nightlife is quite live. Besides, if you are interested there are many 7/24 open Casinos.

In this post, I will list the must seen beaches and natural areas of the island. For the historical and other touristic places, you can click to my Cyprus Top 10 Historical Places post.


cyprus sea


1.Golden Beach

It is located in the eastern part of Northern Cyprus and it is a very big beach (2km) with soft and golden sand. Especially if you visit the island not in the high season, for example in October, you can enjoy the silence and the peaceful environment. Not only the beach but also the sea is very nice, clean and clear. In Northern Cyprus, water temperatures are high until November so you can easily swim without getting cold. Furthermore, if you come to the island in the correct time, you can see the caretta carettas on this beach also.

golden beach cyprus

2.Ayios Philon

This bay is also located in Karpaz Peninsula, just like Golden Beach. This one is not known among many tourists so you can refer here for more quite swimming and sunbathing sessions. Just next to the bay you will also see the ruins of Ayios Philon Monastery which is very interesting. I strongly suggest you add this place to your tour plan in Northern Cyprus.

ayfilon beach cyprus

3.Alagadi Beach

Alagadi is one of the famous bays with caretta carettas. If you visit the island in July or August you may see them. If you especially want to see the little ones coming out of their eggs then you should come to Northern Cyprus at the end of August. Alagadi Beach is also very close to the Girne (Kyrenia) city centre so it is very easy to reach. Don’t miss this beautiful bay during your trip.

4. Galapsides

One of the best beaches of the island is Galapsides. It is in the east next to the city Gazimağusa (Famagusta). The turquoise colour sea is very nice and the water is so clear. Therefore this bay is very suitable for diving. There are some diving schools on the bay also.

5. Escape Beach

This beach is very nice for swimming and very close to the centre (8km away from Girne) but besides it has historical importance. This bay is the first place where Turkish soldiers landed in 20 July 1974 for Cyprus Peace Operation.

Escape Beach is the name of the organised beach in this bay and you have to give an entrance fee but there is also a public park just next to it.


yavuz çıkarma plajı


1.Cyprus Donkeys

There are wild donkeys in the eastern part of the island. On the way to St. Andreas Chruch, you will see many of them are waiting for you. They are used to people and cars. So they just come to you, lick your car windows and try to get food from you. If you want to feed them, bring some vegetables with you. Carrots are their favourite. It was really fun to spend time with them.


donkey cyprusdonkey cyprus

2.Caretta Carettas

As I mentioned above, Northern Cyprus beaches are the natural ovulation area for the turtles. Especially Alagadi, Golden Bay and Ronnas Beach are their favourite. If nature photography is your hobby then observing them will be very nice for you.

3. Monumental Olive Trees

There are 1000 years old olive trees on the island. To see them you may visit Güzelyurt(Morfou). There are approximately 2000 olive trees under protection. P.s. According to some scientists hometown of olive trees in the world is Cyprus.

4. Underwater World

The sea in Northern Cyprus is very clear, and underwater world is very rich. Therefore, many divers come to the island from all over the world. Since the water temperatures are high between April- November, the diving season is also long. If you don’t know how to dive but you are willing to learn, there are many diving schools for you…

5. Trekking

Beşparmak mountains are very suitable for long walks. You can just breath the fresh air and spend some time in nature. Also, it is possible to add some historical places to your route. St Hilarion Castle is one of my favourites that you should see.



There is an airport in Northern Cyprus Lefkoşa (Nicosia) but there are direct flights only from Turkey. It takes 1.5 hours from İstanbul. You can reach the information about flights from Ercan Airport web page.


There are many options according to your budget. You can prefer a bit expensive resorts with casino or boutique hotels. We have chosen Manolya Resort Hotel . It was 10 km away from Girne (Kyrenia) so it was in the quiet area but very close to the city centre also. Our room had an amazing view that you can see in the photo.

lapta cyprus

We had a nice chat with Mehmet, who is the owner of our hotel and also local in Northern Cyprus. You can watch it and note down his pieces of advice about the island.

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