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Lecce is a lovely historical city in the Salento region of Puglia Italy. The old town of Lecce is so well protected that you feel like you are hanging around hundreds of years ago and you really feel the ancient atmosphere. Best way to discover this beautiful city is just keep walking and getting lost in the streets but for not to miss some important checkpoints I will try to point them out. You can also find some info about accommodation and transportation in this post.  If  Lecce is not in your travel plans I suggest you add the list as soon as possible 🙂


1.Basilica Di Santa Croce

One of the most famous churches with baroque style. This structure is built in the 17th century with special yellow Lecce stones which is used all over the old town.

santa croce lecce

2.Cattedrale dell’Assunzione Della Virgine

Lecce Cathedral which is located in Piazza del Duomo is the most important religious building in the city. Originally built in the 12th century and then rebuilt with baroque style in the 17th century. Interior of the building is very beautiful with detailed paintings and decorations.

lecce cathedral

3.Piazza del Duomo

Duomo Square is an attraction point for tourists since it is full of important buildings, firstly the cathedral itself and the bell tower. This square is like a summary of the successful architectural design of all old city. Furthermore, you can find some nice restaurants and original shops in this region.

piazza duomo

4.Roman Amphitheatre

This amphitheatre gives you the feeling of visiting a real arena. Some part is lost under the nearby buildings but it had 25.000 people capacity in the past.

roman amphitheatre lecce

5.Castello Carlo V

This castle is built during the time of Charles V. It is a very well protected structure. You can walk in the castle and you can also visit the Papier-Mache Museum.

lecce castello carlo

6.Porto San Biagio

Porto San Biagio is one of the three remaining gates of the old town. It is an impressive structure with its unique art.

porto bianca

7.Port0 Napoli

It is the most popular gate that is built in the 16th century in honour of Charles V. Porta Napoli is an amazing piece of history and one of the famous tourist attractions.


In the Puglia region, the railway system is well developed. Trains are on time and you can even go to small villages by train. Just be sure that you check the timetable before going to the station from There are also buses to the nearby places from Lecce but they are not so often like trains and more expensive. However, if you need further info, you can check it from or Another option is, of course, renting a car but we couldn’t find an option cheaper than 50 € per day so we decided to continue with the train.


Lecce has many budget B&B options but I recommend to choose one close to the old town. It is nice to walk to the old town in 5 min whenever you want, early in the morning or at night. We’ve stayed in Ada Suites  which is just nearby the old town. They have given the names of the philosophers to the rooms and we stayed in the room of Aristotle. Our room with high ceilings, stone walls and historical atmosphere, made us feel like we are living in the past centuries and it was a lovely experience to stay in that kind of ancient building. We became friends with the manager of the hotel Stefano and his beautiful fiance Eugenia and they were wonderful hosts. They gave us some local tips about Lecce and helped us to discover the city in a short time. Here is a video that we record with Stefano to share some local advice and to get some info about for Lecce…


Since we didn’t have a car, and we had limited time, we couldn’t go swimming but here is the list of the most beautiful beaches after a long search and local advice from Stefano.

West Coast:

  • Porto Cesareo
  • Gallipoli
  • Santa Caterina
  • Santa Maria Al Bagno

East Coast:

  • San Foca
  • Roca
  • Torre dell’Orso
  • Torre Sant’Andrea
  • Otranto

lecce atmosphere

After all, I can say that 1-2 days are just enough to discover the old town of Lecce but if you want to go to the wonderful beaches and other small villages nearby then at you need at least 5 days or maybe 1 week in this region. You will be leaving happy and satisfied from Lecce after tasting good vine, eating delicious pizzas, walking around old town and swimming in the crystal clear sea. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere! 🙂

drink vine lecce


Vovidi blog idea arose from the difficulties we had while planning our own trips. We provide informative videos in all of our blog posts and pin them on the world map.

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