How is İzmir Dikili at night?

By vovidi

Dikili is a calm and lovely northern district of İzmir. As you can read in our other pages, it is mainly famous with the untouched bays and crystal clear sea. However it is also nice to spend a night at the center of Dikili. Therefore we will try to explain how is Dikili at night in this page.

If you are fan of night clubs maybe it is not the best place but if you want to spend a nice night with your family, eat something at the seaside and do some shopping, then a night at Dikili is suitable for you. (P.S: If you are looking for a club you may try Baby Beach Club. It is one of the most known and crowded club in here but still do not expect too much:))

The most popoular part is the road near seaside. It is closed to the cars. This road is full of restaurants, cafes, souvenir shops, clothing shops etc. Most importantly the products are not so expensive in here 🙂 Therefore it is better to do your shopping from here. After spending some time among the markets, you may have a drink at one of the cafes near the seaside.

While walking you will see a small park with an interesting Olof Palme monument. 

“The freedom dream of the nations can not be destroyed by brutal force. This dream continues to survive and surely overcomes.” OLOF PALME

After your trip at the seaside do not forget to taste Roma ice cream. There are two ice cream shops next to each other but they are exactly the same so just choose which is less crowded. Roma ice cream has very delicious flavours so try as much as you can:)

Roma ice cream
Roma ice cream

If you wonder how is Dikili at night, you can watch also our video in this page. We hope you will enjoy:)


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