How to find the hidden bay Canakkale- Komur Limani

By vovidi

Komur Limani is a hidden bay in Canakkale which is hard to reach. It approximately takes 30 min from the highway. First 17 km is ok but after that almost 10 km is very challenging especially for the small and low cars. Also phone signal is very low in this road but still be sure that you have recorded a vehicle rescue service number.  

Altough road is challenging, you will enjoy the bay when you reach. There are campers in the bay and you can spend the night in here. But there is no shopping place at all. Therefore take your beverage with you.

Sea is very nice and clean without waves. There are also few umbrellas and sunbeds on the beach. If you want to use the services like this, it is 20 TL in weekdays and 25 TL on weekends for one person.


Enjoy in Komur Limani
Enjoy in Komur Limani

For me the best way is using a boat to come here instead of driving car. All the sea side in this region is perfect for snorkelling or diving. If you hire a boat you you will also have chance to go nearby hidden places.

For whom interested in diving and underwater beauties, watch this video: Komur Bay Underwater Video


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