Where to eat ice cream in Nice?

By vovidi

I don’t know how many of the travelers would ask this question but I guess you did! So you have the same passion with me. Wherever I visit, I try to try their local wines, olive oils and ice cream!

I think I found the best ice cream place I could find in Nice: Frenocchio

If you are still interested about Frenocchio, continue below

Frenocchio is the best place for ice cream, where you can find almost 100 different flavours (parfumes in French)

Some Flavours

One parfume is about 2,5euro

You can find detailed info about the products in this page

some flavours
Some Flavours

If you’d like to challenge your customary taste, I dare you to try Lavender, Gigder, Tomato-Basilic.

My favorite: Mandarin, fig, chewing gum


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