Where to have dinner in Canakkale- Kavakkoy?

By vovidi

Kavakkoy is a village near  Kocadere River.

There is a lovely place called Gozde Balık. You can order fresh fish with some drinks and suggest you to prefer Turkish Raki.

Watching sunset at the riverside is amazing. You may have peaceful dinner with bird sounds near the river.

Just one note: Be careful for the mosquitos after sunset! They immediately apper to attack you. They will give you protective lotion from the restaurant. Be sure you used it properly, then you can continue for the night.

Interestingly, there are just dogs instead of cats in this fish restaurant. They are waiting for you to share your dinner. But don’t worry:) They are friendly and if you are travelling alone they will accompany you.


Kavakkoy Sunset
Kavakkoy Sunset


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