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What is the worst thing can happen during holiday?

Actually the answer to the question above depends on the situation. For example, in a short weekend trip to a neighbor country, a broken camera, dead battery of your phone, lost luggage might piss you off. What if you are on honeymoon with the love of your life? Your priorities and the things you care change. After all, this will be one of the most important events in your life and you want everything be perfect. [honest zone] Lets be honest, no matter what everyone says, honeymoon is not just between two of you. You want other people also think that it was a perfect honeymoon 🙂 [honest zone]

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Well, I had a perfect honeymoon in 2016 at a lovely exotic island called Mauritius with the love of my life. We’ll share the great moments in a blog post soon. But not so great part of this holiday is kept for this post. After a long flight to Mauritius, my nose started bleeding at the airport (maybe due to balance changes, maybe dry air in the plane maybe my sensitive veins. I don’t know). As the readers might think, yes, nose bleeding is a very simple issue that you continue to your life with a small tampon. Not this time. It was bleeding so aggressively that airport emergency staff had to take me to the public hospital. After the checks, our driver took us to our hotel (honeymoon suite!). The following days, my nose bled almost every day even though I was very careful about what I drink (minimal alcohol) but it was OK since we are having great time when my nose was not bleeding. By the way, I feel thankful to the people of Mauritius. During this time, airport, hotel, hospital staff and all the other people were so kind, helpful and friendly to us.

[honest zone]In the last night of our honeymoon I drunk more than I should (come on, it was the last day) and took a pain killer (apparently blood thinner one)[honest zone] and my nose woke me up around 5am. After 3 hours of bleeding, thanks to hotel doctor, it stopped for a while but we had to go to a private hospital to consult ENT specialist who told me I can not get on a plane for at least 4 days and they had to keep me in the hospital for extensive (means expensive) care which ended up with a huge bill on top of our missed flight!

I think this could be one of the worst things that can happen to a newly married couple. I was very lucky to have my wife with me who turned out to be a very positive and strong woman (of course I know what kind of woman I marry but this kind of incidents make you realize it better)

I was also lucky to have my travel insurance! The whole thing costed me around $6.000 (including Hospital bill and second flight tickets) which was completely covered by my insurance company. [honest zone] Until the honeymoon, I used to skip getting travel insurance unless I have to.  [honest zone]

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Importance of Travel insurance

The experience I had above taught me that one should never leave home without getting covered by a travel insurance. Travel insurance from World Nomads is tailored for travellers to cover trip essentials. World Nomads is available to the travellers from 140 countries. It is specifically designed for adventurous travellers by covering overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities. Please read travel safety tips before you go abroad.

Most health insurance plans do not cover you while traveling. This is why you should always consider travel insurance plans before travelling not only for covering injuries or illnesses. You might get sick on the road, your goods might be stolen, you have to cancel your trip for some reason, you need to be sent back home. While traveling, you should always be prepared for unexpected scenarios. You can easily get travel insurance online and cover yourself from unfortunate incidences. Don’t see travel insurance as a irrelevant expense, by just saving few dollars per day for your insurance, it might save you thousands!

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How should a good travel insurance be?

First thing you have to check is the covered country list. Your destination countries should be covered in your plan. Secondly, high medical coverage. At minimum you should seek $80.000 USD of medical expense coverage. This is important because in case of a serious injury, your insurance should cover high hospital bills. Apart from the medical coverage, you should also check emergency evacuation (both to hospital and from hospital to your home country). Emergency evacuation coverage should be at least $250.000 USD.

A good travel insurance plan not only covers health issue but also your possessions that might be lost (such as your luggage) or stolen (ie. your jeveleries) or broken (your smart phone or camera). Most of the travel insurance plans has small theft and loss coverage, in other words, they cover such scenarios with a very small limit. Lear this limit and depending on what you take with you, you might want to request supplemental insurance.

You might need to cancel your trip for several reasons such as natural disaster in destination country, bankruptcy of your travel agency, sudden injury before the trip.  In such cases, you can claim reimbursement if your travel insurance plan covers trip cancellation.

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When should I start looking for travel insurance?

Travel insurance is an accident insurance and you never know when the accident might happen. Taking precaution early is better than being sorry. Most probably you will never need to use your insurance (I hope you won’t) but even if the possibility is small, it’s better to be safe. Majority of the travelers get travel insurance either before the visa application (since it’s mandatory for the application) or just before leaving the country (because they think this is the right thing to do). I strongly recommend you to buy your travel insurance as soon as you start planning it. Insurances cover you if you sign before the accident! Therefore, the earlier you get your travel insurance, the safer you will be. But if you are already travelling with no cover, no worries, you can claim online while travelling.

Should you have any questions about your travel insurance or travel safety in general, you can contact World Nomads directly.